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Artist Statement

I am a 23 year old emerging artist from Bolton. I studied Filmmaking at the Manchester Art school where I created award winning artist moving image films. Viewing at Home, The Holden Gallery and The Whitworth Gallery. I won the Alumni award and best artist moving image film at Manchester Art school.

I manipulate films and visuals through using a variety of methods to create tears and rips in the digital original to fracture and abstract the images creating a new form. My practice sets out to investigate and portray alternative dimensions, virtual worlds, cyberspace and data as an interconnected imaginative world. As my art works exists within the same world of ideas I am creating. 

These works representing my perception of cyberspace are informed by the daily life of data to create simulated landscapes. The form the works take is influenced by man-made structures such as skyscrapers and the natural world of mountain ranges and weather systems. I have recently been using images form the Hubble telescope of wormholes and supernovas as a starting point. Drawing on many sources I try to explore the relations and comparisons of the ‘real’ world with that of the virtual. 




June 10-20, 2018


June 9, 2017


June 30, 2018


Adventures Through Cyberspace

An adventure through the depths of cyberspace, a visually stimulating film exploring a vast and mysterious dimension taking the audience along a journey towards a virtual realty speeding through the electronic highway. The film explores themes of artificial intelligence an abstract look at data and the data bank and how it reacts with cyberspace and the virtual world.